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   You enter into the wider world full of household appliances such as, latest model digital LCD TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine, dishwasher, computer upon coming into any of our "Elite" chain stores.
   It is more than 13 years that we work in the production and sales market of household appliances and strive not to satisfy with what we have obtained and constantly develop knowing well our client's consumer interests.
   We can assist you in the selection of a wide range of small wares, DVD, vacuum cleaner, music center, food processor, electrical goods and appliances and Tabriz carpets in our "Elite" chain stores.
   Our sales representatives - consultants can help you to select this or any other type of the mentioned products personally for you according to your taste and budget.
   Comfortable parking service, appropriate work schedule, a wide range of products which are regularly renewed of "Elite" chain stores, our trained sales representatives - consultants - all of these will really amaze and please you in a good sense. We provide a pleasant, friendly environment and a wide range of household appliances for you with appropriate credit.
   And additionally, "Elite" customer card discount system is applied for our regular customers. We are always glad to see you in our stores!
   Address: 30/68 block (IV floor), Neft avenue, Darnagul highway, Baku city, or "Elite" regional offices.

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