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Unfortunately, the political processes in todays world increasingly accentuate the differences among people on the basis of their beliefs. As a result, thousands of people suffer the consequences of manipulations over religion for the political purposes by triggering conflicts of religious origin and thus making the religion a pretext for the violence. Peace is everyone's responsibility. That is why each and every one of us must strive for the best of our ability to foster mutual understanding between people of different faiths, contributing our grain of sand to building a better world, a society that is more just and tolerant for living in a culture of Peace.
With the aim of encouraging and promoting the dialogue and improving the understanding and mutual respect among people of different religious denominations, last year we convened the "I Conference on Religions and their Contribution to the Concord and Peace", held on 08-10 November in Madrid and Murcia. The meeting was attended by senior officials from the governments of Spain and other countries such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, as well as religious leaders, businessmen, academics and members of the accredited diplomatic corps in Madrid.
Unluckily, due to certain political interests, a negative concept, a phobia - not only towards the Muslims and Islam - continues to spread around. This causes extreme situations where religious symbols and images are insulted and ridiculed, distorting the values advocated by religions, such as peace, kindness, tolerance, love for neighbor and justice. As a result, the true believers, those who follow the path of God, suffer the consequences of these ungodly acts of unbelievers that harm the image, sentiment and religious beliefs, leading to the situations contrary to the peace and coexistence.
For this reason, in line with our faith we, believers, must unite our efforts to deal with the attempts to sow discord among people using the religion as a tool. The latter should only serve for the peace and never for the violence. Any offense to our beliefs or our sacred texts is an insult to all believers.
The initiative for the II Conference - which is going to be held on the 6th and 7th November of the current year - is precisely to convey the essence and values of our beliefs in order to achieve a more just and more tolerant world. We have invited 600 personalities, representatives of governments and religious communities from such countries as Spain, Azerbaijan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, Albania and some others.
Additionally, the Second Conference will have a cultural chapter with the outstanding participation of the mixed choir of Antakia under the Ministry of Culture of Turkey, which integrates 36 components and represents the three religions that participate on that day.


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