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   Albanian Airlines, as the National Flag Carrier of Albania, has a MISSION to provide safe, efficient, qualitative, reliable and punctual air-travel services to its customers. Albanian Airlines was founded as a joint venture in 1992. Albanian Airlines aims at becoming the leader in local and regional air market.
The commercial company "ALBANIAN AIRLINES MAK" SH.P.K. was established in Tirana - Albania on 20 June 1995 through the Verdict No. 11289 of the First Instance Court of Tirana. Its activity was granted by a Purchasing Agreement signed between former ALBANIAN AIRLINES and MAK Aviation by which was declared winner of the bid amongst 13 commercial companies.
Albanian Airlines was a joint-venture company established in 1992 by Albanian transport a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Republic of Albania and Tyrolean Airways a small private airline from north of Austria.

ALBANIAN AIRLINES is the largest airline in Albania, both in terms of assets and branch network. The head office of the company is located in Tirana City while the activities are conducted in two main places, one at the "Mother Teresa" Tirana International Airport (the only one in Albania) focused on the Operational and Maintenance and the other one for Commercial, Finance & Administrative issues in Town Office. In additions there are some branches and other General Sales Agents (GSA) outside of Albania, like Italy, Germany, Turkey, Greece, United Kingdom and Kosovo. Beyond this, plenty of travel agencies are selling the tickets of Albanian Airlines, in and out of country. Officially the first Air Operation Certificate (AOC) No.0003 was issued on July 3, 1995 which act is renewable on annual bases. The company was authorized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Albania (DGCA) to operate in the international commercial air transport and is designed as flag carrier of Republic of Albania in accordance with Albanian Civil Aviation Law and also in compliance with the recommended standards and practices of ICAO, Annex 6.

The Company is also authorized to perform charter flights without any specific restrictions around the world areas. Turkey, Egypt, Zurich are the most required charter destinations performed in cooperation with main local travel agencies, during summer season, but not exclusively.
ALBANIAN AIRLINES is the sole airline in Albania, which has a fleet able to perform daily flights towards many destinations around Europe, like Rome, Bologna, Milan, Turin and Bari (Italy); Prishtina (Kosovo) and Istanbul (Turkey), besides other frequent destinations like Frankfurt Germany of three times/ week or London UK or Athens Greece.
People trust ALBANIAN AIRLINES because this is a traditional airline in Albania that never plays with false fares.

All Employees are well qualified for their work. Step by step the maintenance staff became more qualified as well. Pilots are another valuable asset of the Company. Every 6 months they take refreshment at Oxford Flight Academy a Customer Training Center, Wood ford Manchester/ UK which is the largest center that ensure both technical check of the aircrafts and the test abilities and skills of the crew.
ALBANIAN AIRLINES is biggest operator of Tirana International Airport (TIA) "Mother Teresa" and the one, which settles huge amounts for the supplies and services taken around all airports where she operates.
After successfully implementing e-ticketing service in June 2007 and the e-booking on line the company is in the highest level of the functionality in trade.

At the moment we carry over 200.000 passengers per year, and we fly 3000 annually scheduled flights. Successfully competing with other Airlines in modern equipment, convenience of connections and the quality of service we link East and West in the Mediterranean and Europe.

Albanian Airlines has its own aircrafts, there are three (3) pieces same model BAe 146 series 100, 200 and 300. We have a professional staff that will make your flying experience with us a pleasant on.

On August14, 2009 Mr. Ali Evsen a well-known businessman from Republic of Azerbaijan acquired 93% of the stakes of ALBANIAN AIRLINES. More investment are planned to be done for a short period of time, such as increasing the number of aircrafts and

opening new destinations which means in other words more passengers, coming and going to/from Albania.

APREL 15, 2018
Ali Evsen 3 dinin bərabərliyini təcəssüm etdirən heykəli xatirə hədiyyəsi olaraq İspaniya kraliçası Sofiyaya təqdim etdi.
NOYABR 06, 2017
"Evsen" Fondun təşəbbüsü ilə təşkil edilən və həyata keçirilən II Beynəlxalq konfrans İspaniya hökuməti tərəfindən müsbət qarşılanaraq dəstəklənmişdir.
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