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   Gygess is the main our brand in Turkey in textile sector. With a background of 20 years of experience, our company offered the Gygess brand first to the world and subsequently to the domestic market of Turkey. Gygess collections are launched with 6 collection concepts each year based on a design understanding which is determined according to the needs of the global and Turkish consumers. When evening dress groups are designed, fabric selections are first manufactured according to the design understanding of the company, then each pattern is created by special graphic designers, patented, and finally, dresses are made.
   All accessories used on our products are designed by our special jewelry designers, positioned on the products, conformed to the perfect Gygess production quality and international standards, and completed by sensitive artistic touches.
   Setting fashion design criteria with official international partners in 54 countries all around the world, Gygess progresses each day by launching the firsts in ladies wear. "There is no perfect anatomy but it is in our power to make it best by the right fabric, the right pattern and the right design understanding". Taking the above statement as the basis of its design understanding and supporting its dresses with courageous designs to get more strength towards becoming a global fashion brand.
   Having increased its brand influence in the world with this great association with the owner of Fashion TV, Michael Adam, Gygess has completely reshaped the global design literature and dominated markets by making all the designs in its own group.
   After increasing their successes in the world, the brands Gygess also managed to take the same commercial process into the domestic market of Turkey. Carrying out significant organizations in Turkey with 15 franchises and 130 corners, Gygess achieved a powerful dealership structure with numerous fashion parades which the company organizes each month, TV shows that it sponsors for and domestic advertisement organizations that it performs.
   The brands have offered their new summer collections to the world and to Turkey concurrently and they continue to set the criteria of fashion and design with 1400 dresses annually. URL:
APREL 15, 2018
Ali Evsen 3 dinin bərabərliyini təcəssüm etdirən heykəli xatirə hədiyyəsi olaraq İspaniya kraliçası Sofiyaya təqdim etdi.
NOYABR 06, 2017
"Evsen" Fondun təşəbbüsü ilə təşkil edilən və həyata keçirilən II Beynəlxalq konfrans İspaniya hökuməti tərəfindən müsbət qarşılanaraq dəstəklənmişdir.
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