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   YEAR 1999. Manufacture of tobacco products.
   Moving into the new markets of developing countries, trading companies sometimes fail, because of unstable economic systems. However, the Star Ltd. company, whose priority direction is to work in the most complicated sector of economy sectors - sale of the tobacco products, is one of the few companies to have survived from the tough competition. The company is obliged to the successful business tactics and close cooperation with the world leading manufacturer of tobacco products - the American RJR company.
   Since movement of its foundation, the company has been the official distributor of the RJR in Azerbaijan and it was one of the first companies that had organized the delivery of the high quality tobacco into the country. At the same time Star Ltd. doesn’t confine itself just to the selling tobacco products and together with RJR and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic, owns the package of shares of the Baku Tobacco Factory.

What role will you play in the economy of Azerbaijan?
Evsen Group is the first foreign company who invested the private capital to the economy of Azerbaijan. This was sufficiently resolute, confident and courageous step after independence from the Soviet Union.
Ali Evsen gave an interview to state TV channel of Turkey. Turkish businessman who is well known in Azerbaijan and Europe, the president of "EVSEN" Group of Companies, Ali Evsen has given an interview to TV channel "Ulke" of Turkey in recent days...
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