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   East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG) is an owner and operator of the Arish–Ashkelon pipeline. It is a joint company of Mediterranean Gas Pipeline Ltd which belongs to "Evsen" Group of Companies (28%).
   EMG is an Egyptian registered company that owns and operates a cross-border natural gas transmission pipeline receiving Egyptian gas from exporting terminal at Al-Arish in Egypt and transporting it to receiving terminal at Ashqelon in Israel. The 87.6 KM-long offshore pipeline has started operating since 2008 and currently delivered approximately 2 BCM per year.
   EMG has sourced gas from Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) and Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) and supplied to various customers in Israel ranging from IPPs, refineries, and chemical plants.
   EMG joint stock company organized in accordance with the Egyptian Special Free Zones system, has been granted the right to export natural gas from Egypt to Israel, other locations in the East Mediterranean basin and to other countries. EMG’s first project involves linking the Israeli energy market with the Egyptian national gas grid via an East Mediterranean pipeline. Fully financed and contracted, the pipeline and associated facilities have substantially completed construction with expected first gas delivery scheduled for the first quarter of 2008.
   EMG is the developer, owner and operator of the pipeline and its associated facilities on shore in both the point of departure at El Arish, Egypt and the point of entry in Ashkelon, Israel. In the Israeli market, EMG’s first contract was signed in late 2005 with the Israel Electric Corporation. This project is governed by an agreement signed between Israel and Egypt which designates EMG as the authorized exporter of Egyptian gas, secures EMG’s tax exemption in Israel and provides for the Egyptian government’s guarantee for the arrival of the gas to the Israeli market.
What role will you play in the economy of Azerbaijan?
Evsen Group is the first foreign company who invested the private capital to the economy of Azerbaijan. This was sufficiently resolute, confident and courageous step after independence from the Soviet Union.
Ali Evsen gave an interview to state TV channel of Turkey. Turkish businessman who is well known in Azerbaijan and Europe, the president of "EVSEN" Group of Companies, Ali Evsen has given an interview to TV channel "Ulke" of Turkey in recent days...
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