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   Dunya Polystyrene Group founded in 2001, manufactured for various sectors and become to an important position. Interior products (cornieges, rosettes, ceiling tiles etc.) and exterior products (window frame, fuga, floor, pedestal etc.) are manufactured under DUNYADEKOR brand. We serve agricultural sector with seedling viols, fish box, ice cream box, general packaging products under KAPPACK brand. Under KAPPLA brand, we produce Heat Insulation-Coating Systems.
   Our company Dunya Polystyrene Group has a long year experience on Building & Construction Industry and nowadays we are one of the most known Turkish manufacturer and exporter of different kinds of decoration and Insulation materials especially made of high density EPS and XPS is one of the leading companies in the field of Turkey also are specialized of polystyrene products and the ongoing investment in this area and providing services to different sectors with a variety of quality products and to the supply of raw materials and semi-finished products to some companies.

   Dunya Polystyrene Group produces approximate ten different sectors kind of construction, decoration, packaging, beekeeping and seedling. Dunya Polystyrene Group offers its products mainly in the construction sector. The varieties in our products are Insulation Board used in construction basis, Filler used between the floor, Fuga used exterior facade, Siding (EPS), Brick Figured Coating, Frame (for door and window), Windows Sills, Floor stringer, Figured Floor Stringer, Crown, Figured Crown, Colon, Lath, Corner Elements, Keystone, Buttress, Pillar, Pedestals, Suspended ceiling (used interior), Ceiling Tile, Rosette, Decorative Beams and Decorative Buttress and Coving.
   Also we are producing some packing products out of production for the construction industry, for example, seedling viol, vaccine box, fish box, mushrooms box, fusil box etc..
   Dunya Polistren Group produces in its factory construction materials mainly for isolation. We operate with 6 different brands in Turkey which has all the ISO certificates and received many awards from the local market. The factory is based on 25.000 m2 employing 235 people. URL:
APRIL 15, 2018
Ali Evsen, presented the statue embodying the equality of the three religions as a souvenir gift to Queen Sofia of Spain.
NOVEMBER 06, 2017
The II International Conference, organized and implemented by the Foundation "Evsen" was welcomed and supported by the Spanish Government.
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