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   "Evsen" Group of Companies continues to operate actively in the expansion of foreign trade relations.
   "Evsen" Group of Companies has established Star OIL LLC in order to implement the use of oil resources in Balkan regions, improve the management structure of import and export of oil industry and provide the development of fuel and energy complex.

   Functions and activities of the company.
   Star OIL LLC is engaged in processing of oil and gas products in all the territories, as well as, both onshore and offshore of Balkan regions, production, processing of oil, gas and gas condensate and sale of the products obtained from them in domestic and foreign markets.
   To meet the demand of Balkan region for oil and oil products and export the excess part of domestic demand is one of the targets of company. In order to implement this STAR OIL has developed service sector and great technical potential. STAR OIL has highly - qualified engineers, technicians and workers with the ability to solve all issues related to import and export of both offshore and onshore oil products.
   The major function and area of activity of STAR OIL Limited Liability Company is to organize the sales and export - import of oil and oil products in European countries.
   The main area of activity of STAR OIL LLC is wholesale and retail sales of oil in Balkan countries, import of oil and oil products, as well as, liquefied gas to region and construction of oil and gas reservoirs.
   "EVSEN" Group of Companies functions on the production, export and import and of industrial and household appliances in non-oil sectors of economy and their sales in domestic market. "EVSEN" Group of Companies intends to produce competitive products that meet international quality standards, replace import, stimulate export and as a result, give worthy contribution to the socio - economic development of country's regions by establishing industrial fields based on the most modern technologies through the investment put on this sector.
   Major profile of STAR OIL LLC is to implement the import and export activities of Oil and gas products in oil-gas sector. At present, the enterprise tries to meet the demand of Balkan region by importing oil and oil product and in near future, work in the field of export to neighboring counties. The amount of investment put by the company on the region's economy until today is 10 million euros.
   International trade is one of the important priorities of the development strategy of "EVSEN" Group of Companies.

APRIL 15, 2018
Ali Evsen, presented the statue embodying the equality of the three religions as a souvenir gift to Queen Sofia of Spain.
NOVEMBER 06, 2017
The II International Conference, organized and implemented by the Foundation "Evsen" was welcomed and supported by the Spanish Government.
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