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Our mission is working for people of Azerbaijan and lead continuous work, creating group of companies, that is: new factories and enterprises.
We wish to continuously satisfy our customers by representing high level, rapid, economic, qualitative and secure products.We would like to increase capability and extend the stimulus, intentions and aspiration of our workers for the sake of their work, so to be careful and fasten the values of our people.
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   In 1990 Azerbaijan has derived a great advantage and proved ability to appear in the world market. It is known that the most necessary to develop for foreign citizens especially for the businessmen of neighboring and fraternal Turkey to finance and invest such kinds of projects was the establishment of stability. As to stability it was unceasingly consolidated.
   Ali Evsen founded the first foreign company investing the private capital in Azerbaijan. This was sufficiently resolute, confident and courageous step.
   The first trade market inauguration is related to his name. He has attracted a big attention with his charity, philanthropy and cultural presents to the people. His most prevailing principle is rendering assistance to the people in need.
   Thereafter the national leader participated in launch of this grandiose masterpiece. Moreover, Mr. Ali built up the mosque in Shamakhi with private means.
   "Elite" Trade and Entertainment Center has been considered one of the most successful projects of recent time.
   The construction of this immense building during 6 months astonished everyone. Construction began in February, 2002, and the inauguration was carried out in August, 17 of the same year.
   Participation of the Turkish star Ibrahim Tatlises in the inauguration of Elite trade and entertainment center organized under the management of Mr. Evsen became a great unexampled festivity for the thousands. High level state representatives, ambassadors, influential local and foreign businessmen participated as well.
   As a result of efforts and diligence of Mr. Evsen "Star LTD" plant located in Shamakhi is producing TV-s, welfare equipment, fridges and washing machines and providing republic market with the goods of this type.
   In order to indemnify the extraneous market demands the enterprise is planning to include the modern equipment and afterwards to manufacture higher level quality production.
   The main objective of the enterprise is to pay an attention to defining the low prices and high quality, so to win the sympathy of the customers.

EVSEN GROUP OF COMPANIES consists of the followings companies:

ELITE Shopping and Entertainment Complex is a center having no analogues in the nearest regions and encircles the area of 40000 square meters. It has proved itself by modern service and activity is formed as a brand. It consists of:
  • 5 store Elite Shopping center, consisting of hundreds of modern style shops
  • 4 star Elite Hotel differing with its high service and qualitative indices
  • Elite Supermarket, the biggest and contemporary supermarket in Baku(general area is 4200 s-m)
  • Queen Entertainment Center, consisting of the sole in Baku skating rink, bowling, restaurant, disco bar, etc.
  • Elite credit center, the biggest credit center in the country
  • "Ocagbashi" restaurant
2. STAR LTD plant
Ali Evsen directed and based his activity on the presidential program of "development and intensification of social welfare in the regions and opening new positions" as well. One of the examples of this work is the construction of the Star Ltd plant in Shamakhi region. Total area of this plant is 35 500 s-m, and more than 200 local population are provided with work in this plant. Here are produced new technology Star televisions (of different diagonals CRT, LCD, PDP).

3. AZSAMAND automobile plant
AzSamand automobile factory has also been constructed in Shamaki and it produces AzSamand automobiles which respond all the contemporary demands. These automobiles have different automobile definitions, comfortable cabin, 405 Peugeot Engine, provided with brake system, audio system/CD radio, electric package, and other superior peculiarities. AzSamand brand automobiles have won the sympathy of people both inside the country and abroad.

Azerelektronika plant is being constructed in Shamakhi as well as AzSamand and Star plants. Here in the factory are considered to be produced all types of refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines.

Star transport is the company which has gained great achievements in the sphere of transport and traffic. Nowadays our company proposes modern high quality service providing taxi service, and this is the showing of the innovations and comfort. Local population and foreign guests use this taxi service with great pleasure and are absolutely satisfied with its high quality.

Carpet - weaving factory managed by Mr. Evsen serves both for welfare of our people and for the rich heritage of our people and culture to be preserved. Surely before commencing this responsible and arduous work he had derived advantage from acquaintance with the carpet collection of Azerbaijan.
Carpet - weaving factory attached to "Evsen Group of Companies" commenced its activity in 2003 in Shamakhi. The factory has more than 100 workers; besides, some thrifty housewives have been allured to work here.
Here are mainly weaved the carpets according to the forgotten modes and methods of Azerbaijan carpet - weaving school. It also serves for heightening our national spirit, for immortalizing of our carpet weaving culture as inside the country, so abroad.

"A" leasing company is engaged in providing all types of leasing.

APRIL 15, 2018
Ali Evsen, presented the statue embodying the equality of the three religions as a souvenir gift to Queen Sofia of Spain.
NOVEMBER 06, 2017
The II International Conference, organized and implemented by the Foundation "Evsen" was welcomed and supported by the Spanish Government.
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