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14 October 2018
The presentation of "III Contribution of the Interreligious Dialogue to Peace and Multicultural Environment" International conference in Spain
24 April 2018
"Evsen" Group President Ali Evsen was invited to meet with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim
15 April 2018
President of "Evsen" Foundation, Mr. Ali Evsen, presented the statue embodying the equality of the three religions as a souvenir gift to Queen Sofia
15 April 2018
XXIII KERMES 2018 International Charity Market, took place in Madrid with the organizational support of the "Evsen" Group and "Evsen" Foundation
07 November 2017
King Felipe VI of Spain receive President of "Evsen" Group of Companies Ali Evsen at the Royal Palace in Madrid
07 November 2017
Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy met with President of "Evsen" Group and Foundation "Evsen" Ali Evsen at the Royal Palace in Madrid
06 November 2017
"Evsen" Group of Companies and Foundation "Evsen" organized "II Contribution of inter-religious dialogue to peace and multicultural life" in Madrid, Spain
15 August 2017
"Evsen" Group contributes to the country's industrial potential!
25 January 2015
Ali Evsen gave an interview to state TV channel of Turkey
   As you know, the main purpose of our foundation is promote and encourage dialogue, harmony, tolerance and mutual respect among people of different cultures and religious confessions. As a foundation we aim to ensure peaceful coexistence and strengthen the essential values that each individual of any society should have. Within the framework of our Foundation, annually we organize international conferences that bring together a notable number of outstanding personalities from different countries. Through these conferences, covering political, religious, cultural and educational spheres, we make petitions to society focusing on the most important topics of todays world.

   The positive result of the previous Conferences encourages us to commit strongly and continue working in this direction. To this end we organize the III Conference on Religions and their Contribution to the Concord and Peace to be held in Madrid, on November 05, this year at the Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel. We are organizing this conference in collaboration with the ministry of justice of Spain and Caucasus Muslims board of Azerbaijan. The event will be organized in two sessions in one day. The first is the session of religious leaders. During this part of the conference the religious leaders who represent the minority in the countries they live will express their opinions, the actual needs of their communities; afterwards, the participants will hear the opinions on this issue of the leaders who represent the religious majority in the countries where these minority religious representatives reside. Together the participants of the session will work on the suggestions to improve the situation of the religious minorities residing outside of their origin countries. As a conclusion to this debate, considering the needs of religious minorities and the suggestions of religious majorities, the religious representatives will prepare a joint communiqué. This document will be presented to the politicians in the plenary session during the second part of the conference that will take place the same day.

   Among the confirmed participants there are highly ranked representatives from the Ministry of Justice and other governmental agencies, academics and prominent authorities of Spain, Azerbaijan, Albania, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and other leaders representing Muslims, Jews and Christians (Catholics and Orthodox), together with politicians from different countries and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Spain and other personalities.

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